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Tomioka town aims to open municipal clinic next October, fukushima minpo, 12/8/2015

The town of Tomioka, wholly evacuated due to the 2011 nuclear disaster at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Daiichi plant, is poised to open a municipal clinic in the fall of 2016 ahead of the start of evacuees’ returning home. An outline of the planned clinic to be set up in the Kobama district envisions the initial practice of internal medicine with a staff of nine people, including a physician, starting in October that year. The plan was revealed by the town office at a meeting of all municipal assembly members on Dec. 7.

The clinic will be administered by Satoshi Imamura, a physician who operated Imamura Hospital in the town until the disaster. Imamura, who currently lives in Kanagawa Prefecture as an evacuee, will double as a physician at the new clinic. The planned medical facility will also be staffed by three nurses, a radiology therapist, a pharmacist, an office clerk, a medical accountant and a janitor.

The town is seeking to launch the return of evacuees as early as April 2017. During fiscal 2016 beginning next April, the clinic is expected to open for three days a week — Thursday, Friday and Saturday – when many evacuees visit their homes on a temporary basis. The town plans to operate the clinic for five weekdays in and after April 2017. It will consider expanding the clinic to include surgery and other departments of diagnosis and treatment in the future.

(Translated by Kyodo News)

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