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Over 67% of decontamination businesses violating law: Fukushima Labor Bureau, fukushima minpo, 3/13/14

A total of 446 business operators involved in radioactive decontamination work related to the tsunami-triggered nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were violating the law, reaching 67.6% of the 660 business operators surveyed through on-site inspections from July to December last year, the Fukushima Labor Bureau said March 12 in a report.

In a similar survey conducted from January to June last year, law violations were found at 68% of business operators. The local labor bureau said there has not been any improvement in the situation as new entities with little knowledge about legal matters are continuing to enter business in the field.

According to the bureau, the 446 business operators were involved in 1,105 cases of legal violations. Of the cases, 742 involved labor conditions such as failure to pay wages, and 363 had to do with health and safety such as a lack of safety training. As the most common violation involving working conditions, 159 of the cases involved issues like nonpayment for overtime work. As for health and safety, the biggest number of violations — 44 cases — involved failure to conduct prior checks on the amounts of radiation in the air at work sites.

The bureau said it has instructed the business operators in question to correct their practices based on the labor standards law and the industrial safety and health law.


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