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Evacuees to tell of their experiences following nuclear disaster, fukushima minpo, 9/1/13

The Tomioka town council of social welfare in Fukushima Prefecture is scheduled to launch a project in September, under which residents who were evacuated from the nuclear disaster will directly tell observers from outside the prefecture their experiences and the actual conditions of the town.
One of the evacuees is Tomoko Endo, 67, who lives in a temporary home in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, and who lost her herd of cows as a result of being evacutaed.
Endo, whose 78-year-old husband Teruo has fallen sick, said she is sure that such a project will help lead to the restoration of the town and convey the realities of the town to people in the rest of Japan.
On March 16, 2011, five days after the outbreak of the nuclear disaster, the Kawauchi village where many residents of Tomioka were evacuated was designated as an evacuation zone. Endo temporarily returned to her home in Tomioka and gave sufficient feedstuff to her 11 cows before heading by car to a convention facility in the city of Koriyama that was used as an evacuation center.
In April that year, Endo temporarily returned to her home in Tomioka and found two female cows dead in the cattle shed. A separate female cow was feeding a calf. When she approached the female cow, it looked at her with sad eyes, and Endo said she realized the difficult situation they were in.
Endo said those cows were her family members, and she released them into the wild, only for them to be eventually slaughtered.
Her husband fell ill due to the unfamiliar life at the evacuation center and at a temporary housing unit, and in December 2011, he was taken to a hospital due to a brain hemorrhage, before being sent to a nursery facility.
Endo has so far talked to visitors from outside the prefecture about her thoughts by inviting them to her temporary home. Endo said those visitors emphatically listened to her.
She said she hopes to offer thanks to support from across Japan through the project.

reposted from: http://www.fukushimaminponews.com/news.html?id=237


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