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Tomioka to propose to fellow municipalities to build ‘temporary towns’, fukushima minpo, 4/11/2013

The town government of Tomioka in Fukushima Prefecture plans to call on other municipalities in the prefecture’s Futaba county to join in building “temporary towns” for their residents in the same place since they are not expected to be able to return to their homes in the near future due to high levels of radiation from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The Tomioka municipal government envisages temporary towns in three locations — Tomioka’s low-radiation area, the city of Iwaki and the city of Koriyama.

These plans are contained in a set of documents the town government presented at a meeting of its reconstruction panel in Koriyama on April 20.

Panel chairman Shiro Tanaka, who is the town’s deputy mayor, said after the meeting that infrastructure can be established at an early date by creating “temporary towns” jointly with other towns. Tanaka also expressed his intention to promote talks with other municipalities in Futaba county.

Tanaka hinted at mergers of municipalities within the county in the future. “Cooperation with other municipalities would give major momentum to restoration efforts and might lead to discussions of mergers between them,” he said.

Tanaka also said the municipalities should work together and coordinate on the locations of life-service facilities, such as hospitals, nursing-care and welfare facilities and commercial facilities, in the temporary towns.


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