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Tsunami reached record 40.4 meters in Miyako, yomiuri shinbun, 7/18/11

The Omoeaneyoshi district of Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, was hit by a 40.4 meter tsunami–the largest on record–following the Great East Japan Earthquake, according to a national joint survey.

A group of about 150 researchers from 48 research organizations presented the results at a meeting held in Osaka Prefecture on Saturday.

The data was collected from 5,400 locations from Hokkaido to Okinawa Prefecture.

The researchers surveyed the runup height of tsunami from the traces of waves left on building walls or trees, and compared the data with observation data compiled by the central and local governments.

In a survey conducted in April, it was confirmed Omoeaneyoshi was hit by a tsunami measuring 38.9 meters during the March 11 disaster, beating the 38.2-meter record set in 1896 when the area was hit by the Meiji Sanriku Earthquake. But the latest survey has revealed the March 11 tsunami reached a massive 40.4 meters elsewhere in the district.


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from the u.s., recently moved from kobe to sendai, japan, researching community-based housing recovery after disaster.


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