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today was the 1st presentation/event organized by ‘from Kobe’, a group of architecture students at Kobe U. today’s theme was volunteering, and people shared experiences from different points of view, including students who had volunteered during golden week, and feature presentation by T San, who experienced receiving volunteers into his neighborhood after Kobe.
I love ‘from Kobe’.

random notes:

“we don’t need ‘ganbaro!’ any more, we need action”

“lots of volunteers went for golden week, most left”

“we are students, so we have time”

“for needs assessment, 1st: what are the problems? try to listen to the smaller voices”

“go to the field, then think about what we can do THERE; for students, now is a chance to learn!”

“what to bring? candy to give to kids; people at evacuation center don’t have anything to do”

after the Kobe earthquake, there were 1,200,000 volunteers.
this time, 640 square km area, 400,000-500,000 volunteers

In Kobe, the most serious volunteers came first. they searched for their own work. found a place not getting any supplies, and fixed it!

We are in Kobe, so________?
We are in Kobe, so we can meet like this, and know that we need to GO THERE.

We can say that because we experienced damage in Kobe.


About liz

from the u.s., recently moved from kobe to sendai, japan, researching community-based housing recovery after disaster.


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