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27 percent of evacuees say they have no prospects of making a living: poll, mainichi, 5/10/11

More than a quarter of evacuees who replied to a Mainichi poll one month after the Great East Japan Earthquake say they have no prospects of earning a living.

The Mainichi contacted 100 people on April 5 to 9 and 48 percent said they are having difficulty in rebuilding or repairing their houses; 53 percent replied they have no place to go once they leave evacuation centers; and 45 percent said they themselves or the bread winner of their households are not working or are out of a job.

The Mainichi contacted the 100 people again on May 4 to 8. Twelve people had been hospitalized or could not be reached for comment. The 88 respondents included 35 in Iwate Prefecture, 27 in Miyagi Prefecture, 16 in Fukushima Prefecture and 10 who evacuated to other regions from Fukushima Prefecture.

According to the latest poll, 27 percent said there is little likelihood of making a living, down from 49 percent from the previous survey, and 30 percent said they can probably earn a living once they find a place to live. Forty-three percent said they have prospects to make a living, up from 28 percent.

Of the total respondents, 13 percent have left evacuation centers to live in temporary housing, public housing or apartments and seven percent have returned to their houses.

Meanwhile, 60 percent have remained at the same evacuation centers and 10 percent have moved to different shelters. Of those who are still taking refuge, 24 percent said they have found a place to settle.

Asked about their livelihoods, 25 percent said they are not working because their places of work were hit by the disaster, down from 40 percent in the previous poll; 20 percent said they lost their jobs, up from 19 percent; and only 8 percent answered that they had resumed working.

As for their damaged houses, 28 percent said they will rebuild or repair their houses at the same location or build new houses nearby, up 6 percentage points; 34 percent said they want to rebuild or repair their houses but there are no prospects of doing so, down 3 points; and 14 percent said it is impossible to rebuild or repair their houses, a decline of 5 points.


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from the u.s., recently moved from kobe to sendai, japan, researching community-based housing recovery after disaster.


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